United States
Poverty Project

Hunger has grown expotentially across America. If there are children in the home, the United States Poverty Project intends to make sure they have enough to eat. We help needy families eat by delivering groceries and arranging community pick ups. But we could do so much more if we had more dedicated volunteers.

Food Programs

United States Poverty Project helps children  get new and gently used clothes, shoes, coats, jackets and school supplies. Children feel a swell of confidence when they can go to school with fresh, clean clothes on their backs. They also need to have their school supply lists filled. If you could at least send us bookbags, backpacks, pencils, calculators, etc., it will be greatly appreciated.

Hot School Lunch Program

         After School Programs

Back to School Clothes, Shoes and Supplies

 Some parents are forced to send their children to school without lunch money. There's nothing worse then seeing a child sitting in the school cafeteria and watching his/her classmates eat a hot lunch while they remain hungry. Although we can't feed them all, we randomly choose children who's lunch accounts are in negative status and we add money to allow them to eat. Will you help?

United States Poverty Project

 United States Poverty Project is creating after school opportunities for children; latch key kids and at wrist youth who lack supervision or guidance before their parents get off work.  Our programs are catered to compliment the public school curriculum that's currently in use.  We offer tutoring and homework instruction in math, reading, history and science. We include sports, games, cooking, music and more.

United States Poverty Project  has developed programs to help children and families through difficult times in their lives. A lot of parents go through hardships with no one to turn to. This lack of stability can disenfranchise children and interrupt their stable routines. Our fundamental goal at the United States Poverty Project is to focus on the basic needs of the family unit; providing compassion, hope and meaningful assistance. Pick a program and help us.