United States
Poverty Project

United States Poverty Project

Director of Marketing 

Tracy Webb is an I.T. Troubleshooter and Software Engineer and holds multiple degrees and certifications in computer programming. An expert with over 20 years of  tech experience. She currently runs her own software firm.

National Director

Lysa Stevensis anEx Civil Service Engineer and former Data Base Analyst for Hampton University. Lysa was a Point of Contact Programmer and Private Industry Liaison as well as Senior Level Engineer at Gateway. She currently works in private industry.

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Chief Operations Officer

Charni Monroe   was a Geriatrics Resource Coordinator for 15 years. She was also a longtime Counselor for Adult Developmentally Disabled. Charni was a Liaison for Integrated Community Engagement. Her position as an Operations Adviser for Diverse Services Inc. for 10 years can't be understated, nor her  role as a Money Management Coach.

National Youth Coordinator

Rakim Lawrence  is our Dynamic, Young Social activist and college student. When not traveling up and down the coast on business, Rakim spends his time energizing and mentoring boys even younger then him.

Board of Trustees


National Spokesperson

Tara Batchloris a former vet who still believes in helping others. Tara is a World

Traveler, Philanthropist, and Business Woman. We welcome her aboard.

National Programs Director

Angel Anita Pye   has a Bachelors of Arts in Sociology with a minor in Criminal Justice and Psychology.  Angel has worked in the  Newport News and Hampton Drug Court and has facilitated group for juvenile offenders.  She was also a Virginia Department of Corrections Case Manager for Re-entry Program at St. Brides Correctional Center.