United States
Poverty Project

United States Poverty Project
Child Resources

A community is comprised of families. Keeping a stable environment at home, allows children to grow, flourish, succeed and contribute to their family. This benefits their community and ultimately wider society. When parents need help we offer short term assistance that has proven to be invaluable.

Social Work
United States Poverty Project is keeping the family unit together. We offer stability during tough economic hardships.We offer programs that strengthen parents and encourage children. 
We focus on the Family.

Help Us Make A Child Smile.

Many families face everyday challenges and hardships. These changes always affect the children. But we're there to enhance moving them forward towards growth and well being. We provide poverty relief programs to improve social conditions.

Children need love and attention but they also need education, regular meals,  shoes, clothes,  toys, lights, heat, and a roof over their heads to make them  grow and smile.

To ensure a more stable and safe environment at home, we handle children's resources on a case by case basis, offering everything from after school activities to meal assistance. We fund and sponsor summer activities, programs, trips and educational workshops.